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Our Program

Creating a strong foundation in cybersecurity is essential, especially for beginners. Our training program is designed to lay the basic building blocks that our Cybervets can build upon as they continue to learn more. In order to defend against bad actors, we need them to think like one. Our Cybervets will learn how to compile their own tools and resources to build their own Cyber Dojo. Once that foundational layer is established it sets them on a path of continuous learning.

2024 Schedule

Cohort Alpha: Cohort Selected

January 16, 2024 - May 17, 2024

Cohort Bravo: Currently Interviewing

March 11, 2024 - July 12, 2024

Cohort Charlie: Recruiting

May 5, 2024 - September 6, 2024

Cohort Delta: Recruiting

June 24, 2024 - October 22, 2024

Cohort Echo: Recruiting

August 26, 2024 - December 20, 2024

Program Facts

- Cohorts are 120 Days (8am-4pm EST, M-F)

- 100% Virtual

- 80% hands on

- 60 day internship available after the 120 day course

- No cost to the Cybervet

- Admin days are built into the schedule for transition obligations

- 30% of the course with focus on soft skill development

What to expect

- Problem solving........ a lot!

- Deep immersive and hands on

- We teach you to teach yourself

- You will get frustrated

- All challenges are team based

- A lot of networking with professionals in the industry

Technical Focus

Examples of areas of learning:

- Networking Essentials (Foundations to advanced)

- Networking and analysis tools

- Windows and Linux Security

- Networking Vulnerabilities

- Security Operations Center Analysis and Response

- Reverse Engineering

- Forensics, Malware, and Analysis

- Penetration Testing Basics

- Coding basics

Soft Skills

- Communication skills

- Being organized in a technical environment

- Interviewing skills

- Resume writing

- Stress management

- Adapting to the new work place

- Developing your brand

- Military to civilian skills translation

What you are actually going to be doing

- Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions

- Learning how to learn

- Researching

- Building your own resource and tool kits

- Meeting and building your new professional network

- Adapting and overcoming failure

- Identifying your strengths and weaknesses

- Working with your cohort to complete challenges

- Becoming a living and breathing resume and interview

- Becoming the cybersecurity professional you set out to be

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